Utrecht Center of Ancient Studies (UCAS)
Contributing members:
  • Prof. dr. J. Blok
  • Prof. dr. L. Rutgers
  • Dr. R. Strootman
  • Dr. F. van den Eijnde
  • Dr. S. Stevens
  • F. Schuddeboom
29The Utrecht Center of Ancient Studies (UCAS) has a long track record when it comes to studying the political and cultural interaction within and between communities in antiquity. Fundamental research is currently being conducted on topics ranging from the institutional role of religion and rituals in Archaic and Classical Greece to imperial networks in the Hellenistic Near East and migration movements in the Late Antique Mediterranean. The chronological scope of the research group spans some fifteen centuries of Mediterranean history. Methodologies range from historiographical inquiry and the study of epigraphy to archaeological fieldwork and the study of material culture. Yet, a strong common interest in the creation of identities in ancient communities binds all of the center’s different research projects together.