Prof. dr. J.H. Blok

Josine Blok
Telephone 030 253 6497
Work address Drift 6
Postcode 3512 BS Utrecht
Room 2.17
Consultation hours by appointment
Areas of interest Archaic Greece and Classical Greece
Research State and Citizenship in Ancient Athens

Prof. dr. J.H. (Josine) Blok is professor of Ancient History and specialises in the history of archaic and classical Greece. Special areas of interest are political, religious and social history of ancient Greece in the widest sense. Her present research revolves around theory and practice of citizenship in the ancient Greek world, especially in classical Athens, also from a comparative perspective with citizenship in present-day democracies. Beside antiquity itself, she is interested in the study of antiquity in later times, especially the nineteenth century. She is currently also a member of the advisory board of Attic Inscriptions Online.
Since 2001, she is the monitor of the European Network for the Study of Ancient Greek History.

As of Jan. 1, 2015, Josine Blok is counselor on questions of academic integrity of the Faculty of Humanities.




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