Dr. F. van den Eijnde

Floris van den Eijnde
Telephone 030 253 6481 DSCN0160
Email f.vandeneijnde@uu.nl
Work address Drift 6
Postcode 3512 BS Utrecht
Room 2.14
Consultation hours by appointment via email
Areas of interest Archaic Greece

State and Citizenship in Classical AthensCult and Society in Ancient AthensExcavations at Thorikos

Floris van den Eijnde has been conducting research at Utrecht University since 2004. He received his doctorate in 2010 with Cult and Society in Early Athens. As a field supervisor he excavated hij at the Athenian Agora (1998-2002). During the same period he received master degrees in Mediterranean Archaeology and Classics at the University of Amsterdam. Floris van den Eijnde is specialized in early state formation and group participation in the early Greek polis. His previous research has been conducted mostly from the vantage point of ritual feasting and commensality. He is co-director of the Thorikos Survey Project in Greece, which is part of the current application. A publication of the 2011/12 campaigns has appeared in 2012, while the preliminary results of the survey project will appear in 2015. A final publication of this material is foreseen for 2016 and has been accepted for publication by Peeters in Leuven. He has edited Troy. The City, The Legend, The War, accompanying the 2012 exhibition at the Allard Pierson Museum in Amsterdam, containing a broad overview of research on the archaeology of Troy and its reception in ancient, medieval and modern literature. The volume has been translated into Dutch and Turkish. In 2015, the first of two monographs on the rise of the Athenian polis is to appear with Brill (The Cults of Athens: The Archaeology of Attic Cult Sites (1000-600 BCE)). This first volume deals with the archeological remains of Attic cult sites. Several smaller publications are to appear in internationally refereed journals in the course of 2015. Floris van de Eijnde has been a Marie Curie fellow at Leicester University (2012-2014).



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F. van den Eijnde (forthcoming). Revisiting the Early Sanctuary of Demeter at Eleusis. A. Brüsewitz, van den Eijnde F., Docter, R., van de Put, W., Nazou, M. (forthcoming). A New Survey Application for data-recording and postprocessing.

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Docter, R., van den Eijnde, F. and van de Put, W. (forthcoming). The Ghent Utrecht Intrasite Survey at Thorikos. Leuven (Peeters; accepted for publication).



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